Our Mission

Our mission is to create accessible educational activities and vibrant productions, connecting students to teachers and performers to stages; to create professional development and mentorship opportunities for emerging and veteran artists in the circus and performing arts; and to engage the public in play and movement. We achieve these goals through organic recruitment, welcoming all humans regardless of age, size, ability, race, sexual orientation or gender identity, and collaborating across multiple venues and community groups.

We at FlowMotion Events believe that vibrant and diverse artistic endeavors, innovation and leadership are crucial to our communities’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that engaging educational activities — such as multiple forms of dynamic play — and thought-provoking performances can serve as a balm for individuals and families alike.

Our Team

Paula Chambers


Courtney Youphoriafy

Website Design Consultant

Stephanie Jones

Project Manager

Michelle Watson

Communications Manager

Corey Hollinger

Production Manager

Lauren Denney

Media & Vendor Coordinator

Jack Snoopy

Green Team

Jessica Mardini

Music Organizer

Jack Flint

Lead Admin

Jill Pierce

Registration Organizer

Willow Hughes

Community Outreach

Laura Haisley

Volunteer Coordinator